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2018 Middle School Madness Tournament


November 9-November 11


Parents: To the left of this page there is a Who's Coming Page. As Coach's sign up, we will post those teams there. IF THE COACH IS STILL LOOKING FOR PLAYERS, we will post the coach's contact info as well. If you do not see a team for your school, then we have not heard from anyone coaching a team yet. If there is not contact information next to a coach's name, that means the team is full, and another team will need to form if there are more players wanting to play from that school. These are volunteer coached teams, so parents/coaches from the school must step up to form teams. Thanks,

After having such a great turnout for our Middle School Tournament last year, we wanted to make this year even bigger and better.  This year we will also be hosting games at both Big League Dreams (Mansfield) and the Mansfield Sports Complex.  We will have the following divisions:

5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade

Space is limited and once a division is full, it is full. We will not try to cram in more teams than can comfortably fit. So don’t delay.

Players on the same team, must be from the same school and in the same grade. Players may play UP in grade, but they cannot play DOWN in grade. Example: a 5th grade student may play up with the 6th grade team. 
Exception: Because we want every Middle Schooler to have a chance to play, we will allow Homeschoolers and students attending private schools to play with their respective public school, as long as their private school is not putting a team in the tournament. At check in, the coach will have to provide proof of residency for the student, as well as zoning information that shows which public Middle School is the school the student would be zoned for. All this in addition to the other eligibility requirements listed above. MYBA reserves the right to disqualify any student or coach that, in our opinion is not meeting these requirements. If you think a student may be questionable, do not wait until Friday Night check-in to ask us about them. It may be too late then.

Registration Summary:
To get your team into the tournament, please do the following:
1. Send an email to that includes your Middle School, your grade level, and your team name. She will confirm receipt via email. If you do not get this confirmation within 3 business days, call 817-405-3554.
2. Make payment by November 4th. Simply go to and make payment. Email your receipt to
3. Download the Roster form below, complete it, and bring with you to check-in along with report cards.

Entry Fee:
Entry into the tournament is $250 per team. This in no way comes close to covering our costs, but it at least covers some. Our goal is to provide a very unique experience for middle schoolers without a cost burden to parents. The fee MUST be paid in full no later than midnight November 5th (Sunday). Any team that has not paid by then will not be included on the schedules.  We will not charge a gate fee for games played at the Mansfield Sports Complex, but please know that Big League Dreams does charge a nominal gate fee.

Team Check-In
All teams must send a team representative to check-in Friday night at the Mansfield Sports Complex, even if you do not have a game Friday night (Nov 9). You can check-in any time between 6:00PM and 7:00PM Friday night. You must bring proof of school and grade for each player as well as a copy of each player's birth certificate. More info is below. The players do not need to attend check-in. You will also need to provide a MYBA Waiver as well as a BLD Waiver, completed with a parent/guardian signature for each player (forms below).

Report Cards/Birth Certificate
At check-in, you must provide proof of school and grade. The easiest option is a copy of a report card or progress report. You also will need to bring a copy of the birth certicates We will verify them at check-in, and you must keep them with you throughout the tournament in case of a protest. Simply have the parents make a copy and you'll be all set. Do not wait until a few days prior to start trying to collect them as many parents will not have them readily on hand.

Tournament Director
Your tournament director onsite this weekend will be Jay Johnson. He will be located in the director's tent at the Sports Complex. He will handle any issues that come up once the tournament begins.  We will also have a representative on hand at BLD to make sure operations are smooth.

Tournament Shirts
We do plan to have a Tournament Shirt available for purchase that will also include the name of each school/team on the back. This is one of the ways we will help offset funding for this tournament so please make plans to visit the Director’s booth for purchase.

Coach/Parent/Player Behavior
This tournament is intended to be a great experience for the kids. Just remember why you are there - for the kids. We will not tolerate coaches, parents, or players who ruin the experience for everyone else. This includes but is not limited to ANY type of harassment of opposing players/coaches/parents. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be dealt with swiftly. This is something we hold sacred at MYBA, and will be enforced throughout the tourney. If someone gets out of line, they'll be asked to leave the park and not return.

Schedules will post by 8:00PM Wednesday November 8th, and available at We will try to accommodate minor schedule requests as we are able, but all teams need to be prepared to play anytime Friday starting at 6:00PM all the way through the weekend ending midnight Sunday. We do not anticipate playing that late, but we want to make sure you clear your schedules that weekend. We will try our best to make sure that no team has more than a 2 hour break between games for pool play, but that is not always feasible. We will do our best.

Please make sure that you know how the tournament works. You will have two pool games Friday or Saturday. Then you will be seeded into a single elimination bracket on Sunday based on the results of the pool games. So you will play at least 3 games, at least one of which will be on Sunday. Sunday is “win or go home” basically until a champion is determined. If you have any questions about format, ask before the tournament starts.

Uniform decisions are made by the coach. You could have some inexpensive shirts made (matching tshirt/microfiber shirts with numbers). Or you could have each player wear their jersey from their league or tournament team -- sort of like an All-Star game. Matching jerseys are not required, but each jersey must have a number. (You can do wonderful things with masking tape!). If you would like a recommendation for getting cheap jerseys made up, contact

We will follow USSSA baseball rules with one exception (listed below). You can download the USSSA rule book at USSSA pitching rules are in effect. If you have any questions or are not sure how it works, ask us BEFORE the tournament starts so that there is no confusion. 5th and 6th grade will play by 11u/12u rules and 7th and 8th grade will play by 13u/14u rules. All games will have a 1 hour and 30 minute (90 minutes) time limit, meaning that no new inning will start after that time. Championship games will be 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes).

Run Limits (USSSA rule exception)
We will enforce a 7 run per half-inning limit. Once a team scores 7 runs in a half-inning, the half-inning will end, regardless of how many outs there are. This limit applies to all games except for championship games on Sunday.

Bats should follow USSSA bat rules. See the rule book or the USSSA website for more details. 

We will provide baseballs.

We'll need final rosters no later than this Wednesday, Nov. 9, so that we can print them and be ready for check-in. For clarification, this tournament will not be USSSA sanctioned, so there is no need to register your team on USSSA. Use the form below to complete your roster.

For games at the Mansfield Sports Complex, we will allow coolers and outside food/drinks inside the park (no alcohol), but we encourage you to support our concessions as part of the funding of this tournament.
For games at BLD, no coolers or outside food/drink is allowed at all, except water bottles for the players. This is a BLD rule, not ours.

Boomboxes/Walk-up Music
We want this to be a fun/festive experience and although we typically do not allow any type of boomboxes/music to be played, we are going to allow it for this tournament, but ONLY for walk up music as your players are coming up to bat. The volume must be low enough that it is only audible to your field. Please do not play at any other times, and make sure the music is age appropriate. Any abuse of this at all and a team will be asked to no longer play their music.

For each division Champion, the team will receive one Team Trophy to be displayed at their home school, and each player will receive a championship T-shirt (up to 14 players). 

If you have read this page in its entirety, but have a question that wasn't answered here, please email Jay Johnson at AND ALSO COPY Kevin Lewis at

Tournament Pitching Rules

Pitching Rules

Pitching Rules for ALL Teams and divisions