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Middle School Madness


Tournament Director:

Jay Johnson (necessary emails should come from the head coach)


2023 Middle School Madness:
November 11 & 12
**Schedules will post at or before 8PM Wednesday prior**

Hello Coaches and Parents. Please read the information below very carefully and thoroughly. Most all of your questions should be answered as well as information on how to get your team into this tournament.
We are pleased to announce the return of the Middle School Madness Tournament hosted by Mansfield Youth Baseball Association. This is a great opportunity for athletes to compete as a school with their school mates, much like they will in High School. This experience is very unique, very exciting and often has select team players facing off against each other for the first time. This tournament is NOT sanctioned, so no one needs to worry about roster freezes.

How are teams formed?
A coach/parent must organize a team(s) of players at your school. We have a “Who’s Coming List” below. This list contains the school teams that are currently registered, and also will indicate whether the coach is still needing players. If the coach indicates they need players, contact them directly please. If there is not a team listed for your school, no one has yet stepped forward to let us know they are coaching a team from your school. We cannot supply coaches so it is up to parents/coaches at the school to organize teams.


All students must play for the school they attend.

What if my player is home schooled or attends a charter or private school?
First, if their school has a team registered to play, they must play with their school. If their school is not putting a team in, they are eligible to play with the public school they are zoned for. The coach will have to provide proof of residency as well as the school zoning chart at check in.

Can girls play? Absolutely! There are many talented girls out there that would love the chance to play and represent their school. Even though they may play fastpitch softball the rest of the year, doesn’t mean they won’t make great competitors this weekend playing baseball. They just might be your MVP.

What if my school district does not put 5th and/or 6th grade into Intermediate/Middle Schools, but are instead in elementary schools?
Because elementary school typically have fewer students per grade than elementary schools, we will allow this exception to be made:
If your school has 5th and/or 6th grade in elementary, the students zoned for the same Middle School but are in different elementaries can play together, as long as there is not a team from their own school playing. In this case they would play as a 5th grade team (for instance) for their Middle School. Both elementary schools MUST be feeder schools to that Middle School and each student attending that same middle school later. IMPORTANT, no more than two elementary schools can be combined to form a team. No Intermediate or Middle Schools are allowed to combine, except in a few special circumstances we approve.

What if I feel like I do not have enough players from our Middle School to form a team, can I pickup from a neighboring Middle School in our district so we can play? NO! Teams must be “school pure”. Every coach/team is expected to bring a team formed by students at their school. Schools may not combine to form a single team. It would not be fair to allow a team to do this for any reason, and then come play against the teams that did pull together a team from their own school. Think about it this way, the students that don’t make the High school team, do not then get to pickup with another High School, nor can a High School Coach “pickup” a player from a neighboring High School. You play with what you got.

What grades can play?
We will have  5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade divisions. Any player that is in 4th – 7th can play up ONE grade level if necessary, but no player can play down a grade.

Where will games be played?
 The Mansfield Sports Complex, Big League Dreams and McClendon East Mansfield. If we fill those parks, we may add a fourth park that is within 8 miles of Mansfield. Teams need to be prepared to play at any one of these. We will NOT be able to accept Schedule requests. With a tournament of this size, it will be impossible to accommodate requests for all teams.

What do we do for jerseys?
All that is required by us is that the players be in similar color, with a number on the back. Most teams have been having inexpensive tshirts, dry-fit or jerseys made up but we do not require that.   

How do we make payment and register?

To get on the Who's Coming List (register), the coach or team rep needs to send an email to and give the following info:
Grade Registering For

Do you still need players? Yes or No
School Name
Coach Name
Coach Email
Coach Cell Phone #

The cost is $450 per team. We are not trying to make anything on this tournament, just merely cover the costs. Payment will be made by team and MUST be made no later than Sunday Nov 5 at midnight. If we do not have that by then we will not be able to put your team on the schedule.

Payment can be made by:

  1. Navigate to to make payment. Be sure to put your team name/grade in the notes and send the emailed receipt to

Rainout Policy – Kevin

              0 Games Played – 100% Refund
              1 Game Played – 60% Refund
              2 Games Played – 25% Refund


We will be playing by USSSA rules for each grade as follows:

  • 5th Grade - 11U Rules
  • 6th Grade - 12U Rules
  • 7th Grade - 13U Rules
  • 8th Grade - 14U Rules (60/90) (drop 5 Bats)

Game Times

We will NOT be able to accept Schedule requests. With a tournament of this size, it will be impossible to accommodate requests for all teams. Please have your teams at the field :30 minutes prior to game time.  If the previous game ends early, we can start games :30 minutes early. Game times are 75 minutes long for 5th-7th and 90 minutes for 8th grade.  Pool Play CAN end in a tie but Bracket play will settle ties with a Texas Shootout. 

Friday Night Team Check In
The Head Coach or other designated team rep must come to the Mansfield Sports Complex on Friday November 10th between 7:000PM and 8:00PM to check in.
The coach must provide:

  • A printed copy of the MSM Roster (see below) with signature.
  • Eligibility paperwork for each player. The preferred document is the player’s most recent report card. If the player does not attend the school they are playing for (see above) then we must have a birth certificate,  proof of residency (utility bill, etc) as well as the school zoning map. We will do everything we can to make sure all players are legal per the eligibility requirements above. If you cannot provide that, the player cannot play. Remember, the responsibility is on your to prove they are eligible, not on us to accept it. 
  • MYBA Team Waiver – There is a MYBA team waiver listed below that must be completed and signed by at least one parent/guardian of each player.

Gameballs: Each coach will be asked to provide one game ball at the plate meeting to be used by both teams. Each coach is also asked to have backup balls on-hand in the event both game balls are hit out of play. 

There will likely be more information added to this page so check back often. if you have a question that was not addressed above, please email BOTH Kevin Lewis at as well as Jay Johnson (Director) at


Pitching Rules

The Who's Coming List is below. If the coach has indicated to us that they are looking for players, then their email address is provided. If you player attends that school, contact the coach directly.

Who's Coming 2023

NOTE: The coach's email address will ONLY appear if the coach has notified us that they still need players. If it's not showing, they have indicated they are NOT looking for any more players on that team. Thanks


Paid School Grade Coach Email
YES Young Jr High 5 Brice Mushinski
YES Kennedale Jr High 5 Joshua Smith
YES Lillard Intermediate 5 Freddie Welsch  
YES Nichols MS 5 Marshall Barton  
YES McClatchey Elem 5 Kyle Rudy  
YES Mary Orr 5 Joel Nearing  
YES Kerr MS 5 Dustin McCarty  
YES Asa Low 5 Ruben Reyes  
YES Donna Shepard 5 Witte/Griese  
Paid School Grade Coach Email
YES Donna Shepard 6 James Casteel
YES Asa Low 6 Josh Tipton  
YES Nichols MS 6 Victor Everett
YES Alam Martinez Int 6 Tonmar Johnson
YES Cedar Hill Collegiate 6 Jose Hernandez
YES Walnut Grove MS 6 Jay Villarreal
YES Alma Martinez Int 6 Beau Whitfield  
YES Mary Orr 6 Justin Caldwell
YES Lillard 6 Matt Stogner
YES Hughes MS 6 Tony Wilson  
YES Dieterich MS 6 Jason Parks  
YES Acton MS 6 Jaime Handy  
YES Loflin MS 6 Bianca Gutierrez  
YES Kerr MS 6 Mike Deel  
YES North Ridge MS 6 Todd Forbes
YES Smith MS 6 Travis Taylor
YES Glen Rose Jr High 6 Brandon Brantley  
YES Whitney MS 6 Chris Infante  
YES Tannahill Int 6 Joel Arrendondo
Paid School Grade Coach Email
YES Dieterich MS 7 Chad Sugg  
YES Tolar Jr High 7 Nathan chiles  
YES Hughes MS 7 Mike Munoz  
YES Dieterich MS 7 Bryce Rogers  
YES Young Jr High 7 Ronnie Duffer  
YES Walnut Grove 7 Holland/Franklin  
YES Walnut Grove 7 Randy Rogers  
YES Glen Rose Jr High 7 Daniel Edgington  
YES Kerr MS 7 Dustin McCarty  
YES Worley MS 7 Cameron Carlisle
YES Kennedale Jr High 7 Badi Villagtomez  
YES Linda Jobe 7 Carl Everett
YES McKinzey MS 7 Edward Dalley  
NO Brock Jr High 7 Matt Gibson  
YES Grandview Jr High 7 Lee /Bailey  
YES Loflin MS 7 Mark Davenport
Paid School Grade Coach Email
YES Walnut Grove 8 Josh Armey  
YES Hughes MS 8 Randi Brown  
YES Danny Jones MS 8 Cooper Davis  
YES Worley MS 8 Bryan Baughman
YES Jobe  8 Tim Connor  
YES Nichols Middle 8 Alissa Patterson  
YES Gunn MS 8 RJ Rivera
YES Kerr MS 8 Lynn Bates
YES Brooks Wester MS 8 Mike Mills  
YES Dieterich MS 8 Hoopman/Cady  
YES Arlington Classics Ac 8 Jonathan Hernandez  
YES Palmer MS 8 Corey Robinson  
YES Kerr MS 8 Brad Harrington
YES Glen Rose 8 Alan Jankins  
YES Azle Jr High 8 Blake Moreland  
YES Alvarado Jr High 8 Craig Dunavin
YES Coleman 8 Kyle Beller
YES Red Oak MS 8 Weylan McAnally
YES Boles Jr High 8 Kale Ward  
YES McKinzey MS 8 Patrick Moraw  
YES Whitney 8 Clement Wohleb  
YES Young Jr High 8 Aaron Fisher  
YES Loflin MS 8 Mike Sinquefield  
YES Poolville Jr High 8 Robert Leonard  
YES Village Tech 8 Deon Collier, Sr