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MYBA Background Checks

MYBA requires that ANYONE that plans to be on the field either at practice or in games, submit to a background check, and then be cleared by the Board to be on the field with the players. This includes the dugout.

Coaches should make wise judgement calls about their Coaching Staff and who they allow to help Coach the team. It is expected that both Coaches and Parents alike will help monitor that all individuals working with the players appear on the Approved To Coach List.

If you are the Head Coach or have been selected by your Head Coach to be on the field with the players, please follow the directions below to have your background check submitted. The search will include all public records associated with the information submitted. Please, only submit for a background check if you are going to be on the fields, as each background check performed results in a charge to MYBA.

It is VERY important that you read the directions carefully, and follow them precisely. You must make certain that every field of the form is completed, For any field on the form that does not apply to you, please type "N/A" in that field but don't leave it blank. You may want to print the directions out to use as a reference, before proceeding.


1.Go to

2. Select "Login" from the left panel.

3. Type in the following information in the appropriate box:
Username: MYBA (case sensitive)
Password: Spring2021 (case sensitive)

4. Begin filling in the requested information in each cell. EVERY CELL MUST BE COMPLETED or the submittal will be rejected.

All of your information is kept confidential.

Once you have passed, your name will be added to the "Approved To Coach" List. If there are any issues that come back, one of the Board Members will contact you directly to discuss.

This should be a relatively painless process on your part, that helps us to try and make sure our kids are safe. Please get started on this as soon as possible so there are no hold ups when game time starts. Any request made after September 15, 2015, will result in a $15 Late Fee payable to MYBA by the person requesting the background check.


1. You must fill in the Middle Name block with your full middle name. Not the initial. If none, place N/A in box. Then input the N, as your middle initial, when you initial at the end of the submission. Remember, this initial block is CASE-SENSITIVE for the first, middle, and last name.
2. The background submission will not work with iPhones, Macs, iPads, etc. using "Safari" as the browser. Try downloading and using "Google Chrome". If you only have access to these items and no alternative options, please contact Misti Beck at for alternative choices.

1. When you select female as your gender, a new box will open up for your maiden name. If it doesn’t, you are on a device that will not work. Please try a new device.
2. If you are female and single: the maiden name box will open up. Please, put in your maiden name. Even if it’s the name you are currently using.
3. If you are female, married, and use your maiden name as your current and legal middle name, your maiden name is still your maiden name. Please put it in the maiden name box. This will always be your maiden name no matter how you use it today.
4. If you are female and hyphenate your name: Last name: Doe-Smith, Middle name: Mary, First Name: Jane, Maiden name: Doe. Then initial block is JMD. Jane Mary Doe. Doe being the first before the hyphen.
5. If you are female and have been married more than once: All previous last names should go in the Alias’ block separated by a comma.

If you have any problems with the procedure, please contact Duane Burt, VP of Operations.

Thank you,