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Middle School Madness Tournament Who's Coming

*Note - Coach's contact will only show up if the coach has indicated they are still looking for players from this school/grade

Players Team Name School Grade Coach Email
Yes TBD Donna Shepard 5 Scott Turnbough
Rams Ditto Elemtary 5 Rene Pena
Wildcats James A Arthur Intermediate 5 Dennis Ruiz
Mansfield Tigers Mary Orr 5 Ryan Murray
Midlothian Baseball Club Miller Elementary 5 Terry Tiffee
TBD Nola Dunn 5 Rob Duke
Panthers Asa Low 5 Coach Parr
Players Team Name School Grade Coach Email
ML Leopards Lillard 6 Scott Millett
Tigers - Black Mary Orr 6 Chris Raines
Leopards - Red Lillard 6 Josh Romberg
Cougars Kerr 6 Chad Crump
YES Fighting Owls Loflin Middle 6 Holly Whisenant
FSMS Cubs Frank Seale Middle School 6 Jason McBride
Huskies Burleson Hughes 6 Aaron Wimberly
Mustangs Donna Shepard 6 Chris Gilbreath
KERR BLUE Kerr 6 Rick Byrd
Wildcats James A. Arthur 6 Bryant Steinhilber/Jose Saenz
WGMS Cubs Walnut Grove Middle School 6 Kyle Malone
S2L Broncos Donna Shepard 6 Anthony Herrera/ Dave Lara
Ponder Lions Ponder 6 Ryan Rouse
Rangers Ditto Elementary 6 Shane Cole
Panthers Asa Low 6 Mark Law / Andy Hunter
McKamy Knights McKamy Middle School 6 Brian Glaser
Southlake Eubanks Dragons Elite Eubanks Intermediate 6 Scott O'Donnell
Kerr Cougars Kerr 6 Sid Irwin
Savage Lepoards Lillard 6 Anthony Cortez
Players Team Name School Grade Coach Email
Wildcats Wester 7 Travis Kincade
Bulldogs Danny Jones 7 Brian Lemke
Jobe Mavericks Linda Jobe 7 Brad Eubank
YES Worley Tigers Worley 7 Duane Burt
Knights Reagan Middle School 7 Luis Alonso
Cougars Kerr Middle 7 Gary Menchaca
Bearcats Aledo Middle 7 Travis McCain
Wester - Blue WESTER 7 John Smrcina
YES DJ Hitters Danny Jones 7 Amber Dandridge
Young Eagles Young Jr High 7 Adam Jaime
Hughes Huskies Hughes Middle School 7 Kevin Cassidy
Players Team Name School Grade Coach Email
Bulldogs Danny Jones 8 Tim Olson
Mavericks Linda Jobe 8 Steve Sanberg
Worley Tigers (may change) Worley 8 Evan Loop
YES Wester - Blue Wester 8 John Smrcina
Newman Warriors Newman International Arlington 8 Ryan Ridder/Allen Davis
Kerr Cougars Kerr 8 Clinton Tuggle
YES Coyotes James Coble 8 Jeff Van Cleave

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