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Umpire Links

Start Officiating was created to help those interested in officiating, or those who think they might be, get started! We'll take you though the ins and outs of officiating, in an easy step-by-step guide. Inside you'll find out how to find out about your state and local associations, where to purchase your equipment, how to get game assignments, and much more!

Umpire Resource Center

Site with links to purchase umpire books, equipment, and videos. Also has many interesting articles and additional umpire links. Includes a "mechanics" section complete with pictures.

Umpire Helper

An eteamz site which helps to break down complicated rules and plays to assist the umpire in making the correct call.

Rule Interpretations

The rule book can be unclear sometimes. Here is a link that addresses some common plays which are confusing or require an umpires interpretation of the rule in question.

American League Rules

Link to the official rules of Major League Baseball.

Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires

Home page for one of the two professional umpire schools.

Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring

Home page for one of the two professional umpiring schools.

Professional Baseball Umpires Association

Home page for the Minor League umpires association.

Phone Numbers

Referee's Call - (817) 590-8258
Equipment and Uniform Apparel

+POS - (800) 323-5722

Equipment and Uniform Apparel

Honings - (800) 666-8258
Equipment & Uniform Apparel

Baseball Express - (800) 937-4824
Equipment & Uniform Apparel