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Rules and Policies

Rules and Policies

All general and league In-City rules, Select rules, policies, complaint procedures and codes of conduct are posted. Each season may have some rules changed as approved by the Board. Additionally all policies must be adhered to while participating in MYBA.

In City Rules - All Leagues

NOTE:  The MYBA In-City Rules override ALL USSSA Rules.  If the rule is listed in the MYBA In-City Rule book, that is the rule you should adhere to.  If the rule is not listed in the MYBA In-City rule book, then you should adhere to the USSSA rule book.

Safety Policies

Please review and adhere to the saftey policies and procedures.

Code of Conduct - Parents

Parents, fans and spectators are required to follow these 10 rules during each MYBA season.

Code of Conduct - Players

Each player should strive to adhere to these principles of sportsmanship. Parents support is needed to reinforce player's conduct.

Code of Conduct - Coach

Each coach must adhere to these principles of coaching in MYBA.

Complaint Procedures

This document outlines the process for handling and resolve complaints.