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Kyle Lewis Memorial Tournament

2018 Kyle Lewis Memorial Tournament

SEPT 7th-9th

Well, the date is here and hopefully the weather will somewhat cooperate with us this weekend.  I wanted to take a moment and cover many of the questions we usually get during the weekend or leading up to the tournament.  Please distribute this to your parents so it will reduce the number of questions you will get throughout the weekend.

1. Weather

As you all know, the weather forecast for this weekend is dismal.  In an effort to give us the best statistical chance for getting games in, we have relocated ALL games to BLD in Mansfield.  BLD has turf infields as well as a great drainage system.  This will allow us to get games in unless we have weather of biblical proportions.

We will be updating via the USSSA as well as the Quickscores email/text website. So please make sure your correct info is registered on the website. We will also have a rainout line you can call for up to date info. 817-533-4270

Rainout policy is as follows:
0 games played - Full refund
1 game played - 50% refund
2 or more played - No refund

2. General Questions

Your schedules for Pool Play as well as Brackets has been posted on the usssa website as well as the Quickscores website.  If you are a AA Team registered on USSSA, you can find your schedules at  If you are a league team with MYBA and are not AA Comp, then you will find your scores at  USSSA teams will play by USSSA rules while MYBA teams will play by In City Rules.  Coaches will need to checkin prior to game time in the BLD office. I will be in the office managing the tournament so if you have amny protest, questions or comments (Coaches ONLY) please come see me there.

Please be punctual for your games.  With the schedules being so tight, we really need to make sure that ALL TEAMS are at the field and ready to play 30 minutes before scheduled game times. If we have an opportunity to speed up play we will make sure we can do so.  If your team is NOT ready to play and have an opportunity to play early you MAY have to forfeit.  We will try and work with teams wherever possible.

All Pool play games are coin flip for Home Team. In Bracket Play, it is based on your seeding at the end of Pool Play.  Higher team gets home field.

This is a Ring Tournament this year.  We have had K5L Rings made specifically for this tournament. Rings will be provided to both 1st and 2nd places.

MYBA will provide balls for games but please have a couple of balls handy just in case the official balls get too wet.  I would also HIGHLY suggest dry towels so the pitcher can wipe them down if needed.

There is NO GATE FEE from MYBA.  However, BLD does require an admission fee of $6 CASH for spectators and Coaches over the age of 13 while players in uniform pay $1 CASH.  Both of these receive a $1 token that can be used at the restaurants. BLD now allows coolers with Water, Fruit and Towels ONLY. No other outside food or drink is allowed into the park.

3. What to Bring/Not Bring

As stated above, you CAN bring coolers, however they can ONLY have Water, Fruit and Towels in them.

Please bring CASH for admission fees as BLD does NOT accept cards for admission.

I would highly suggest bringing dry towels as well as extra balls just in case the Tournament Provided Balls become too wet.

Turf shoes or sneakers are required for pitching.  BLD does NOT allow cleats or spikes on the mounds.

Lastly, please bring an extra helping of patience.  This tournament is a great cause and it sometimes seems plagued by weather every year.  We commit to you that we will do everything in our power to play the tournament for this great cause.  There may be confusion or changes that we MUST make during the weekend.  Please be a calming force rather than an instigator with your team.

4. Pitch counts are as follows

Pitcher can pitch 9 Outs (3 innings) and still be eligible for the next day
Pitcher can pitch 18 outs (6 innings) in any day but will not be eligible for the next day
Pitcher can pitch no more that24 outs (8 innings) during the weekend

So, everyone do your anti-rain dance to keep the clouds and rain away.  I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow and hope we have a great weekend of baseball.

Jay Johnson



Questions?  Contact Jay Johnson by email

Tournament Pitching Rules

Pitching Rules

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