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2019 A State Tournament



The State A Tournament will once again be co-hosted with Mansfield, Irving and Frisco. The Mansfield Sports Complex will be host to ages 5, 6, 10, 12 & 13. While Irving has TBD and Frisco  TBD. This is strictly an A division tournament, meaning that you MUST be a Draft team (NOT TRYOUT) and must have played league ball for the 2019 Spring Season.  You can have up to 3 players added to your roster but they too must have played in your league, age and division.  If any team violates this rule, you will be immediately removed from the tournament with no refund or points awarded.  We are trying our best to make sure that this is a fair tournament and all teams are on equal footing.


Registration can be found at: or you can connect with your League Director for more info.  Because this is a draft only tournament, sometimes leagues and directors don’t get registration completed until the last minute so schedules usually don’t come out until LATE Wednesday or sometimes Thursday morning.   




So, with that out of the way, let me cover a couple of things:


  1. You can bring outside drinks to the Mansfield Sports Complex and all other fields in Mansfield.
  2. We will be posting updates, schedules and all pertinent info on both USSSA as well as the MYBA Tournaments page ( so please be sure you have registered your email and/or phone number so you will be up to date.
  3. Gate fees are due BEFORE you play your first game.They can be paid at the registration tent when you check in. The fee is $125 and must be paid before you play your first game.
  4. All Pool games will be a coin flip at the plate to determine Home team.
  5. Balls will be provided by MYBA
  6. We will be playing straight USSSA Tournament Rules
  7. Run rules are as follows: 15 runs after 3 innings and 8 runs after 4 innings
  8. Pool games can end in a tie game. On Sunday, we will be playing a California Tie Breakers when the game is a tie at end of regulation play.In this case, the bases will be loaded with last three batted outs and in batted order on the base path. There will be one out on the board. Game will end once a winner has been determined.
  9. Pitch counts for 9U – 12U are 3 innings in one day and able to pitch the next day, 6 innings one-day maximum and 8 inning total for the tournament. Pitch counts for 13U and up is the same except there is a 7 inning one-day maximum.
  10. Legal bats will be determined by the current USSSA Legal bat chart.



I look forward to a productive and fun weekend and look forward to seeing you all.


Jay Johnson

MYBA Tournament Director



Tournament Pitching Rules

Pitching Rules

Pitching Rules for ALL Teams and divisions