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Coaches and Players Looking (AA Only)

This is a forum to connect MYBA AA Coaches with AA Players, and AA Players with MYBA Coaches. Because the "A" division is a draft league, we do not post ads for "A" division teams.  Only MYBA Players and MYBA Coaches may post here. Coaches must be registered with at least two paid players on the team.

~~~MYBA will not post any information regarding "Tryouts" for teams~~~



 If you are a registered MYBA Coach needing Players, please specify:
- Age Group
- Team Name and Division playing
- Contact info
- *optional* a brief (60 words or less) description of your team, philosophy, number of openings, etc.

If you have a Player looking for a Coach, please send the following:
 - Player playing age
 - Player name
 - Parent name
 - contact number and/or email address
 - desired division
 - *optional* a brief (60 words or less) description of Player's experience and skill level.

To be added to one of the lists, please send an email with the above information, to Kevin Lewis at . Coaches, if your ad does not appear as you submitted, it is probably because it was longer than is indicated in the instructions.

Players will no longer appear on this page. The list of players will be circulated to MYBA coaches via email.

Thank you, MYBA

AA Division Coaches Looking For Players

8UAA Comp Texas Outlaws
Coach Jacob: 214-301-2126 /
I am looking for 2-3 players that are dedicated and ready to further develop their skills. Our goal is to develop the kids to their best abilities, provide a foundation for them to learn and understand accountability, as well as provide a safe place for them to continue their development outside of team practices at our facility/practice field. We will be playing 5-6 tournaments in fall.


Age Group: 9U, 10U, 11U, and 13U
DREAM Team/AA Rec for each age
Contact Info:
DREAM Baseball is about, kids dreaming big! At DREAM Baseball, our goal is help provide quality instruction, constructive coaching, and outstanding practice facilities & fields to help kids achieve their dreams of growing in the game of baseball (and in life).

9U AA Comp Legends
Head Coach- Zack Barnard / or 8065355224
The Legends have been together for 5 seasons now and been very successful at MYBA.  We are looking to play 4-5 tournaments this fall and need to fill 3 spots on our roster.  Everyone who wants a chance to pitch will get a shot!  Looking for AA comp level players.

10U AA REC Nationals 
Conact: 817-300-7468
The Nationals are looking for 1-2 players wanting to build on the fundamentals of baseball. We practice once a week on a field and once at a batting cage in the Mansfield area.  We are all about having fun and learning the game.

Muckdogs 10U AA Rec
Cory Broussard 817-507-6322
We are currently looking for 2-3 players that are hardworking and love to play baseball. We practice in the Mansfield area. We love to have fun and most importantly play baseball. 

10U AA Rec Yankees
James Jackson 713-408-3685
We are looking to fill 2 spots for this Fall seaso

11U Comp Mansfield Trinity
Coach Juan
Currently looking for 2 players that are hungry and advanced in routine baseball, we are God centered, we will play tournaments,  we practice in the Mansfield area, I’ve coached this team since 8uAA comp.

COACH RENE / 214-298-8303
Looking for 2 players to fill our roster.  Additional, we will play 4-5 tournaments in fall.

AA Players Looking For Coaches

The list of player ads are now emailed to the MYBA Coaches. Thanks,