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Coaches and Players Looking (AA Only)

This is a forum to connect MYBA AA Coaches with AA Players, and AA Players with MYBA Coaches. Because the "A" division is a draft league, we do not post ads for "A" division teams.  Only MYBA Players and MYBA Coaches may post here. Coaches must be registered with at least two paid players on the team.

~~~MYBA will not post any information regarding "Tryouts" for teams~~~



 If you are a registered MYBA Coach needing Players, please specify:
- Age Group
- Team Name and Division playing
- Contact info
- *optional* a brief (60 words or less) description of your team, philosophy, number of openings, etc.

If you have a Player looking for a Coach, please send the following:
 - Player playing age
 - Player name
 - Parent name
 - contact number and/or email address
 - desired division
 - *optional* a brief (60 words or less) description of Player's experience and skill level.

To be added to one of the lists, please send an email with the above information, to Kevin Lewis at . Coaches, if your ad does not appear as you submitted, it is probably because it was longer than is indicated in the instructions.

Players will no longer appear on this page. The list of players will be circulated to MYBA coaches via email.

Thank you, MYBA

AA Division Coaches Looking For Players

6U AA Rec
Contact Tim Tyree 214-616-6299 / Email 
We are looking for 1-3 players ages 5-6  to complete our fall league roster and hopefully Spring next season. We are our team working on fundamentals, teamwork, and good sportsmanship, but have fun growing as team.

6UAA Rec
Mansfield Cubs 
Contact: JJ Diehl at 214-476-7795
We are looking to add two to four players for our 6UAA fall team. Committed players with committed parents are critical. This is a developmental team focused on player improvement and getting players ready for the next level. Costs are kept to a minimum

6U AA Comp
Contact: Bruce Foster 817-505-9180
We are looking for 1-3 skilled players who are interested in high repetition skill practices, fall and spring leagues and strong parent involvement.

7U AA Comp
Contact: Chris Lusk  (951)-579-0504
We are looking for 1 to 3 players that are enthusiastic about playing baseball. We are a group of motivated players and coaches who find learning and executing the fundamentals of baseball rewarding and fun. Our team has been together for 4 seasons and we always welcome a new edition. Feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you

8U AA Rec
Contact Wes Wiley at 817-313-6581
We are looking for 1-2 competitive players to join our Nationals team. We are looking for committed players and parents. We have a core group that has been together since 4U. Costs will be kept to a minimum and we plan on playing a couple tournaments. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of baseball.

8U AA Rec
NTX Renegades
Contact: Coach Abel (682)-207-9827

We are looking for 2 student athletes with great attitudes and great energy. We also require great parents that are dedicated and all about a family base fundamental, Baseball club. If you are looking for a team and are interested please give me a call.

8UAA Rec
Mansfield Knights 
Contact: Daniel at 214-681-4213
Over the last 8 years the Knights have had multiple teams aged 7U to 16U. We are looking to add a player or two to our 8UAA fall team. Committed players with committed parents are critical.  Development of baseball fundamentals is the primary focus.  Costs are kept at a minimum while development and fun will be kept at a premium

8U AA Rec
Velocity Baseball 8U AA Rec
Ryan Nelson  817-938-6440 /
Rawlings Velocity Baseball out of Mansfield (formerly Maddog Baseball) is looking for a few players to fill out their 8U roster for the fall.  This is a developmental team focused on player improvement and getting players ready for the next level.  Team will practice at professional facility, but costs will be minimal.

8U AA Comp
Texas Outlaws
Coach Anthony: 214-228-4560 /
Our team is looking for families for our 8U Coach Pitch team.. Our focus is to teach the kids what it means to be part of a team and learning the fundamentals of baseball. If you want to join the Outlaws Family please contact Coach Anthony

8uAA Comp
Texas Tigers
817-781-9316 or
We are looking for 1-2 competitive players to join are Texas Tigers team. We play at least 1 tournament a month. We are looking for committed parents and players. We have a core group that has been together for many years. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of baseball the right way. 

10UAA Comp
We are looking for a player to round out our roster for the fall. We have a great core of kids and a great coaching staff and support system. If you have any interest please reach out.
214-708-9829 /


Team: Horned Frogs
Contact: Brian Becker / / Cell: 817-307-5499
We are looking to add 1-2 additional players to our roster.  Our philosophy is to establish fundamentals, while trying to develop a fun and passionate love for the game.  We do this through our experienced coaching group and partnerships with local high schools and former college baseball players. We will be playing in 2-3 tournaments this year.

10U AA Comp
Arlington Twins  
Contact Matt Ferrell @ 817-401-0700 /
We are looking for a middle infielder born after 4/30/09.  It would be preferable if he can also pitch, but not mandatory.  We play league and multiple tournaments.  

11UAA Rec
Mansfield Indians
Contact: Gary Vincent at 817-716-5972 or email
We are looking for a few competitive players to join our team. We have a core group of committed players and parents that have been together for many years. We are in search of 2 or 3 more committed players to complete our roster. We will compete in league play with MYBA and also compete in a few tournaments in DFW

11U Comp
Texas Tigers
Chase Palmer 817-781-9316 /
Texas Tigers are looking to add 1 player to join our current group of players.  We focus on fundamentals of baseball.  We will play at least 1 tournament a month and are looking for a committed parent player and parents. 

11U AA Comp
Mansfield Venom|
Tim Peppel 817-676-2160/
We are currently looking for another catcher to finalize our baseball family for the fall. We keep a rotation of catchers to keep the kids fresh and let them get to play multiple positions. We will play 3 to 4 tournaments this fall.

Red Sox
Coach Robert Mendez: 214.669.4272 Email:
Looking for 2-3 11u/12u baseball players that can play AA-Rec division. 

12UAA Rec
Mansfield Heat Baseball 
Bill Eubanks at 682-367-4370

The Mansfield Heat Baseball team is looking for one or two dedicated players to join our team for the fall MYBA season.  We have a good group of coaches that has been working with kids for many years and a great core of families.  Player development and teamwork is our #1 priority.  Please call for additional information.

12UAA Comp
Mansfield Storm
Contact Coach Bobby at 832-289-8493 or Coach Sam 469-232-8032.
We are looking for 1-2 players born after 4/30/07 to play league games through MYBA and tournaments throughout DFW.

13U AA Comp
Fire Frogs 
Steven Olson /
We are a new 13U team looking for 1-3 additional players to complete our fall roster and beyond.  This is our first year in MYBA after playing several years with the City of Arlington.  We are made up of 11-13 year olds.  The majority of our team has played together for at least 3 seasons. 

15/16U Comp
Mansfield Bulldogs
Coach Patrick Dickerson
We are looking to add a few more players to our roster. Our philosophy is to establish fundamentals and allow our players to grow with teamwork and sportsmanship. I have over 10 years coaching experience and will have a local high school player helping me at our practices.

AA Players Looking For Coaches

The list of player ads are now emailed to the MYBA Coaches. Thanks,